Invitation to the Encounter Culture Fashion Show & Design Exhibition 2016

20 Jul by สุลัคณา ประติโก

Invitation to the Encounter Culture Fashion Show & Design Exhibition 2016

A new cultural perspective is clear. The world is increasingly globalised, not westernised, with influences coming from every continent. Discovery will be key in 2017; with the global travel boom, both new and more experienced travellers will be looking for unique encounters, to uncover and discover the best-kept secrets of the world. New global encounters will be shared on visual platforms and apps but will also be translated into subtle style combinations. Sustainability will become paramount and the use of recycled and raw materials will elevate new design. The fashion students from Accademia Italiana (Thailand) dare to define themselves through a collection of work evoked from personal experience and their time spent at the Institute.

Although the students exhibit a plurality of individual styles, their collections all demonstrate the passion, creativity and flare that has been so abundant in this exemplary group of young designers. Their designs will range from ready-to-wear to couture, catering to a variety of different lifestyles. The designs will include both men’s and women’s wear.

For the second time this year, the Fashion Show will feature the final designs from the “Dress the Stars Season 2” project. Designed by our final year students, the work will be modelled by the following Thai celebrities: Varavut Laohapongchana (Pop), Ann Mitchai (Ann), Yossinee Nanakorn (Jah) and Warintorn Panhakarn (Great)

The Design Exhibition will celebrate the innovation, creativity and expertise of students from the Interior Design, Product Design and Graphic Design courses at Accademia Italiana (Thailand) Fashion & Design Institute.

The annual fashion show and design exhibition is a rite of passage for our design students and sets the bar for all other student designers in Thailand. The students are proud to host industry professionals, the fashion community, family and friends in order to celebrate this astounding array of work. Please join in the celebration on the evening of May 7th, 2016 at Central Embassy

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