Poetic Affinities

20 Jul by สุลัคณา ประติโก

Poetic Affinities

For the 13th International Poets Biennial’s event held in Paris, our students of the Graphic Design Department have been invited to join a design contest named Poetic Affinities.

The contest aims at the creation of posters based on poems/slogan mainly written by Asians poets, that can highlight the structural similarities between each other’s languages, promoting their trend to combine and think our relationship with society and nature. Out of 500 poster presented by design students from all around Europe and Asia, the proposal of our student Ms. Tiraya Krongvanich has been selected for the exhibition.

The poster is based on the Poem/Slogan:

I’m too close to the Sun / And they say I’ll go blind.
Ming Di, China

Congratulation Tiraya!

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