The style of the Accademia Italiana flies to Seoul

20 Jul by สุลัคณา ประติโก

The style of the Accademia Italiana flies to Seoul

President of the Accademia, Vincenzo Giubba, awarded a special prize for development in the field of design that has involved 15 different Asian countries.

Fashions designed by the best students at the Accademia Italiana will be shown on?January 14, 2013, in Seoul, South Korea during the Asia model festival awards, a Korean contest reserved for models coming from 15 Asian countries including China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The finalists of this prestigious contest will open the event wearing garments inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun, designed by Giulia Baldacci, while others will wear those inspired by an interior journey, designed by Joanna Pietrzyk or designed by Kim Dae Yeon, extravagantly based on the story of Joan of Arc.

In the collection to be shown in Seoul will also be included those designed by Giulia Pastorelli, young up and coming fashion designer who studied in the halls of the Accademia and created her collection inspired by an unusual Mexican tradition dedicated to the dead and those designed by Isabel Nielsen who allowed herself to be carried away by a dream and creating an evanescent look in her fashion style.

Twenty garments were chosen by the Accademia Italiana from the 250 already successfully shown last spring at the Obihall Theater during the year-end events.

Double applause for the Accademia Italiana, thanks to the special award that will be given to AI President, Vincenzo Giubba, for his activities directed at the development of cultural exchange with 15 Asian countries.

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