Interview with Nida, the Winner of Ffashion contest

20 Jul by สุลัคณา ประติโก

Interview with Nida, the Winner of Ffashion contest

When did you realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Nida: When I was 10, after every shower I would wrap my towel around m body creating different shapes. I then started drawing and recording my creations and it was not long after that I asked my father to take me to the tailor so I could have my drawings made-up as clothes. That was the dress I wore for Halloween that year. I was a princess.

What convinced you to apply at the Accademia Italiana?

Nida: The lecturers are both Italian and international. Apart from Paris, Italy is another great country for fashion. The best thing about the school is that they organize the graduation show very professionally. The location is also another plus factor.

What do you think about the school, its program and the lecturers?

Nida: I really appreciate how the school gives you the chance to realize if you are really into this business or not. If you are passionate and curious and always looking for more, you will get. But if you’re not passionate or really interested, you won’t get much and you’ll waste your time and you’ll realize it’s not your thing.

You were the winner of our collaboration with f fashion and fashiontv. What was the prize?

Nida: The prize was 60000 baht and of course I needed to develop a collection with them. It’s a great opportunity to gain some experience but most of all the opportunity to have a limited edition collection that caries my name is amazing.

Were you expecting to win?

Nida: Not at all! You’ll believe me if you watch the video from the show.

strong>Explain the process of creating your capsule collection for F fashion.

Nida: They gave us a theme and a color-way from I chose one color and created various tones and designs inspired by the given theme. I also designed some additional pieces for production.

What are your expectations for the future?

Nida: To grow Thai fashion into a world known brand. I want to be the next Balmain.

Which is your favorite aspect of the program that you are studyng?

Nida: Collection. For me this class allows me to practice my imagination and find my true signature style. Fashion comes and goes but style stays forever. I find that this subject also simulates the real industry “design to brand” process.

Do you have any suggestions or advise for future AI students?

Nida: Fashion design is about inspiring other people to wear your clothes. Start the style from you and then go from there.

Make sure that the fashion design is your true field of interest. Because if you’re not honestly passionate about it, you are going to be wasting years by forcing yourself to attend class and be annoyed by lessons and subject matter you have to learn and fashion requires a lot of work. But, if you are really interested in the field, who knows? Maybe the next Karl is in the room.

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